L'dara “How L'dara Works”

Every day, millions of people participate in the same ritual; looking into mirrors the world over, they assess how another day passing has affected them. Deep down, we know how we appear to others can dictate how they see us, but it’s how we see ourselves that really ignites the energy and confidence we put into our work and life that shows others who we really are.

It’s L’dara’s Advanced Anti-Aging Serum breakthrough results thanks to the proprietary LBP-5 Complex® from the miraculous Asia Goji berry that goes beyond skin deep by helping people put their best face forward.

But how is the best way to communicate that it’s the timeless confidence people need to feel comfortable within their own skin? By finding genuine people who have a desire to reclaim their confidence and willingness to rethink their daily sking care regimine. L’dara chose to use the prestigious AMA Laboratories in New York to perform a third party clinical trials on L’dara Serum with 30 volunteer participants.


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Interviews with 30 randomly selected women undergoing AMA laboratory's 28 day study also included reveals of “Before” and “After” photos accomplished with state-of-art, scientifically validated, reverse photo engineering imaging technology. Cameras returned 28 days later to capture their reactions of their journey to healthier and younger looking skin. Nothing is more powerful in an age-defying story than genuine reactions to undeniable before and after results.

L'dara Dana Ditrani

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L'dara “Breakthrough in 90 Seconds”

L'dara “Breakthrough Results”

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